Advice Referrals and Case Management

By logging into this system, I warrant and agree that:

  • I am authorised to access the system;
  • I will not access or attempt to access information which I have no legitimate business need to access;
  • I will manage the information in accordance with privacy and confidentiality obligations;
  • I will protect my password and not share it with anyone else or make the system available to anyone else;
  • I understand that all access to this system is logged and subject to regular audits;
  • I understand that unauthorised access, use or disclosure of information in the system may lead to disciplinary proceedings and may also be a criminal offence (s408E of the Criminal Code Act 1899) which may be referred to the police for prosecution; and
  • I will deal with client information respectfully, appropriately and with cultural sensitivity.

About ARC

Advice, Referrals and Case Management (ARC) is an online client management system developed in partnership with, and funded by the Queensland Government to support service delivery for Family and Child Connect, Intensive Family Support, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Participation Program, and Assessment and Service Connect services in Queensland.

ARC improves the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by helping organisations manage information and activities for vulnerable children and families.

Access to ARC is managed through Infoxchange with the Queensland Government receiving reports containing prescribed de-identified and limited identified data. The latter is used only for tracking program performance and is reviewed by a small number of staff subject to tight controls and is destroyed after use.


FAST for IFS services has arrived!
From Monday 1st July, FAST Assessments can be recorded and managed in ARC. Here's a quick snapshot of what's different and here's your step-by-step guide.

What you should know...

  • The Contact Report does not correctly reflect service hours for Groups, Activities and Enquiries. Service hours from these activities are correctly included in your ARC Performance Report and OASIS Report >> IMPORTANT NOTICE
  • Referrals and other updates released in December 2018 >> here

Are you up-to-date with...

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For news related to generic SRS releases, go to News.

Need help using ARC?

Detailed 'how to' guidance is available in the User Manual. Simply click here to access:

If you experience any problems with ARC, please contact Infoxchange Helpline on 1300 366 516 or (03) 9418 7487 or email [email protected]. If you contact the Helpline, please quote the web address you use to access ARC and the workgroup you belong to.

Support for practice related queries is available from Supporting Families and Family and Child Connect.

For any queries relating to practice matters, please email [email protected] or [email protected]